Heart disease is one of the most important health problems in the world. The average age of heart attack sufferers in Turkey is between 35-65.

In young people, heart attack can cause direct vital losses because vascular development is not complete. Caused by damage to the arteries that feed the heart can be fatal, although the length and quality of life that significantly affects the timely and proper treatment of a heart attack at a young age can result in death.

As you age, ‘bridge veins’ form between the veins. In this case, the heart can continue to be fed by taking blood from the other vein in the blockage of any vessel. Because such a structure does not occur in young people, the heart that is unprepared for the crisis can suddenly stop and cause death. These environments that keep the person alive develop after the age of 50. But with the crisis, death comes as young people's hearts are not ready for it. A 50-year-old person who suffers a heart attack can be rushed to hospital, while a younger person dies before being able to get to hospital.

Another factor that causes heart attacks among young people is drug use. Drugs such as cocaine, marijuana or pills are one of the major causes of a heart attack. Cocaine in particular has a direct effect on heart attack.