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Cataracts, colloquially called curtains or whitewater, are the discoveries that occur in the lens of the eye. The lens of the eye is behind the iris and pupil. Its task is to ensure the formation of images on the retina, which covers the inner face of the back of the eye and is sensitive to light. If the lens begins to blur, vision may deteriorate as the passing of the Rays will be blocked.

The loss of transparency of the lens immediately behind the pupil is called cataract. A change in the chemical composition of the lens also occurs when cataracts occur. However, the causes of this chemical change are not yet known. Cataract occurs in old age is the most known. However, this type of cataract is also found at fifty or even younger ages. In addition, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, drugs and eye injuries with cataracts can occur. Children can be born with inherited cataracts, as well as cataracts can occur in the first years of their lives.

Cataracts usually occur slowly. No pain,watering, Flushing. Some cataracts do not reach a level that severely reduces vision, while others prevent vision in its entirety. How a cataract affects vision:

1) prevalence
2) intensity,
3) depends on where it occurs in the lens.