Sleep is the reconstruction of the physical and mental state of our body, which is worn out during the day, by decaying from everyday life and through the biological and chemical functions during the night. We sleep a third of our lives. Thanks to sleep, the body regenerates itself by resting.

Sleep is essential for the regular functioning of all systems in the brain and body. The main measure of getting a good sleep is waking up vigorously in the morning and feeling fit during the day. Sleep duration is genetically known to vary between 4 and 10 hours. Sleep-deprived nights, mornings when waking becomes torture, afternoons when sleeping, frequent night-time waking nightmares, such as chronic problems can cause many diseases. Moreover, it affects social life and psychological status negatively. It can even lead to death!

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If the night sleep required for the organism to rest is interrupted for various reasons, its structure is disrupted. Although the person stays in bed for enough time during the night or even sleeps, starting the day tired can disrupt the quality of life and cause damage and disease in many organs.

a) insomnia (insomnia): insomnia, which occurs due to various reasons, occurs in all ages, sex and race. When this condition becomes chronic, it is very difficult to treat.

b) a state of excessive daytime sleepiness: normal, unable to sleep, or at night in their sleep apnea patients with daytime sleepiness uncontrollable situations there may be. This can cause accidents, job inefficiency and social problems.

C) snoring: occurs in 50% of adults and is an important harbinger of sleep respiratory disorder. Excessive use of alcohol, overweight and in middle-aged men the incidence of Apnea is quite high.

d) sleep apnea: sleep breathing stops for 10 seconds and can cause many diseases to occur. When respiration becomes irregular, oxygen levels drop in the blood, carbon dioxide rises. During this time, the organism will occur in a panic situation. When the sympathetic system is activated, the adrenaline discharge begins and blood pressure rises. “Sleep apnea” is a vital disease that requires urgent treatment, and is considered to be one of the most important ailments of our time and seen at all ages. If it is not treated in time, it can lead to heart attacks, strokes, impotence, irregular heartbeats, even death. It also causes accidents, work inefficiency and excessive daytime sleepiness that can cause social problems. It is not known in society that the disease has such serious consequences. The majority of people with this disease do not notice or care for the disease, usually do not go to the doctor.