In the light of the latest developments in health and scientific data, Our Mission is to improve the quality of life and treat the patients who apply to our hospital without compromising medical ethical principles using technology.

Our vision

To be the leading institution that provides quality health services to the general public.

Our goals

  • To guarantee and increase the service quality,
  • To ensure the participation of all employees in the quality studies,
  • To meet the Ministry of Health's service quality standards at the highest level, 
  • To decrease costs and to increase efficiency,
  • To increase the reliability of the institution and the continuance of it,
  • To increase our number of beds and service departments,
  • To ensure the satisfaction with all kinds of health services provided in our hospital,
  • To increase the communication skills and personal development of our employees by training, 
  • To meet the health care needs of the hospital staff appropriately, 
  • To strengthen the hospital computer automation system,
  • To lower the hospital's electricity consumption, 
  • To eliminate the lack of equipment in the technical infrastructure of the hospital,
  • Making the necessary repairs and renovations in our hospital building, 
  • To modernize the scenery around the hospital, 
  • To increase the number of certificate holders in the health sector,
  • Keeping employee and patient satisfaction at a high level.
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