Important numbers

Security: 5522
Call center: 9
Reception: 5505/5504

Emergency Services

Our emergency department provides 24 hours service with its expert physician staff that includes anesthesia, biochemistry, pediatrics, dental, internal diseases, gynecology and obstetrics, general surgery, cardiology, radiology and emergency, considering all your health needs.


You can send us your suggestions, thoughts or appreciation by filling out the questionnaire available in the survey boxes in your room and corridor. You can put the forms in the questionnaire boxes in the corridors or forward them to the hospital staff.

Survey results are among our important data sources that enable us to serve you better. These surveys are evaluated on a monthly basis and shared with management. Your valuable opinions direct us to improve the quality of the service provided.

Mobile phones

Please keep your mobile phones closed during the examination and tests in the hospital. At other times, we ask you to be considerate to other patients and patients' relatives around you while using your mobile phone.

Call center: 0 212 693 93 93

You can contact our call center 24/7;

  • You can perform all your appointment transactions (appointment, cancellation, change, confirmation).
  • You can get information about our hospital's departments, working hours, and doctors.
  • You can get information about the services provided in our hospital.
  • E-appointment requests made on our website are evaluated as fast as possible and a response is given to our patients as soon as possible.
  • Your requests for information made through our website are evaluated and you will receive complete and accurate information as soon as possible.
  • You can find all kinds of information about our contracted institutions at our call center.
  • You can find out all the analysis, tests, inspection, and transaction prices by calling us 24 hours a day. (Surgery prices are given by our medical accounting department. Your price requests are met between 08:00 - 17:00 on weekdays and 09:00 - 14:00 on Saturdays).
  • You can send all your complaints, suggestions, and appreciation to us using the 00 +90 212 693 93 93 health line. In order to increase our service quality and patient satisfaction, your suggestions and complaints are evaluated by our “Patient Rights Unit” as soon as possible.
  • You can get information about the campaigns implemented by our hospital. Campaigns are forwarded to our patients via e-mail or text message (SMS) upon your request.
  • You can get the address and directions to our hospital by calling our call center.


If your doctor deems necessary during your stay in our hospital, our dietician will visit you and arrange your diet treatment in accordance with your health condition and your doctor's treatment program.

Electric appliances

The water heater in your room may pose a risk of fire, so We kindly request that electrical appliances are not used.


Pets are not allowed in our hospital.

Head of Patient Rights

Our patients' thoughts are very important to us. You can send your suggestions, requests, and complaints about our hospital to us by informing our patient rights officer. You can report to your nurse or floor secretary to meet with the patient rights officer.

Everything you want to know about the patient's rights is in the booklet in the file left special for you in your room.

Nursing Services

You can contact the nurse in charge of the ward you are in about any subject you need related to nursing services.

Nurse Call System

Our nurses will be with you whenever you need it. The "Nurse Call System" in your bedside and bathrooms will ensure that our nurses reach you as soon as possible. How to use this system will be transferred to you by your nurse when you settle in your room.

Please do not lock your room doors so that our nurses and other staff members can easily reach you when needed.


Our cafeteria is at your service all day with its quiet environment and delicious products. You can request room service from the menu in your room via the phone.


KHousekeeping will visit you every day to keep your room clean.

Parking Services

We have free parking for patients, their families, and visitors. You are responsible for your valuables and devices left inside your car in the parking lot.


You can deposit the advances specified before your hospitalization to the patient admissions department. During your stay, you can find out the latest status of your treatment expenses and any information about payments from the patient admissions department. Interim advance will be requested for your treatment expenses during long-term hospitalizations. You can also pay for your treatment expenses in cash, credit card or in foreign currency "US Dollars and Euros".

Patient's companion

There is a separate bed and menu for your companion. Only 1 companion can accompany the patient in the room.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Hospital, including the cafeteria.

Discharge Procedures

Your doctor will tell you about your time of discharge the day before. Be sure to receive discharge training and go through every detail with your doctor and nurse. Get detailed information about all the medication you will use and how to use it. Get the information about when you should come for a check up and control purposes. Provide a phone number to call in case the hospital wants to reach you. You can always call us.

After your doctor informs your nurse that you can be discharged, your operations on the floor (preparation of your file, closing your accounts, and preparation of your reports, etc.) will begin as quickly as possible. After these processes are completed, your file will be delivered to the patient admissions department by your consultant. After completing the institution provisioning procedures or cash payment preparation procedures by the patient admissions department, you will be informed about your transactions. After all your transactions are completed, the patient will be directed to the hospital admission department by the floor secretary, and after the necessary payments are made, your exit procedures will be completed. Discharge procedures can be followed up 24 hours in our hospital.

Taxi services

Your floor secretary will assist you when you need a taxi.

Telephone "Land Line"

you can press "9" for outside phone calls. International phone calls are subject to a fee.

Those who want to reach you from outside can contact you directly by dialing your room number after 0 212 693 93 93.

you can reach the call center by pressing 9.

Technical services

Our technical service is at your service 24 hours a day for any malfunction related to any hardware (TV, sofa, refrigerator, cupboard, bed, etc.) in your room. You can contact your nurse for our technical services.

Meals schedule

Our Breakfast, food And Tea Time Services Are Served By Food Service employees Under the supervision of the Dietitian. According to the Dietitian's Program, Some Patients are given a Meal at 10:00, 15:00 and 21:00.

Meals schedule
Breakfast 07:00- 08:00
Lunch 12:00- 13:00
Dinner 18:00- 19:00

We request that no food be brought to our hospital from outside. Please do not bring food and drink from outside because it may affect your health.